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New year, new us!

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

As many of my locals of customers know, in 2022 I had undergone a name change from Catastrophe Confections to The Velveteen Cake Co.

Since, I have rebranded my entire business and even narrowed down my own unique style to a more sophisticated, luxurious, upscale style. Growing up, I would watch so many amazing and talented artists create stunning couture style showpieces - This is exactly what I aspired to achieve, luxurious couture style cakes.

I've spent the entire year honing in my skills and building new techniques. Thanks to so many of my beloved customers, I've been given creative freedom and their trust in my skills to create pieces such as this.

How exactly did I create this beautiful winter wonderland showpiece? Let me walk you through some of the process.

This delicious red velvet butter cake is enveloped in a sweet & tangy cream cheese buttercream and a thin layer of fondant.

Applying color theory to fine-tune my own mixture of food coloring, I've blended the client's signature shade of postman blue to match the wedding's theme. Airbrushed in a gradient of blue to encompass the true winter wonderland feel is next before I can apply any of the crisp pearlescent white fondant pieces.

Having hand moulded & sculpted our decorative forest scene plaque ahead of time and allowing it to dry/harden, this allows it to be the showcase on the front of the cake. I have since added delicate touches of snowflakes & more greenery to the bottom of the cake as well to allow the entire theme to flow seamlessly.

After covering the cake drum with more fondant and a thin brushing of food gel, allowing the sprinkles to stick to the fondant base, this cake has come together beautifully matching our client's event.

With a 55-minute drive to the venue, it's always a good idea to store delicate pieces that may fall off during transit in a separate box to apply at the venue. This is winter in Michigan after all.

I couldn't think up a more elegant way to cap off the 2022 year than with this elegant winter wonderland themed wedding cake in simple couture style.

Here's to 2023 and many more fabulous cakes to come!

Photography by The Velveteen Cake Co. LLC.

Event Information

Hotel/Venue: American Inn in Iron River, Michigan

Photographer for Event: @HollySeldenPhotographyLLC. Hi! I'm Heather from The Velveteen Cake Co, an Iron Mountain Bakery that specializes in Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, event catering & dessert cart rental!

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