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I'm Heather
A.K.A. "The Cake Lady!"

Although I'm newer to the area of Iron Mountain, I'm far from new to baking. I have an Art and Baking background of over 15 years whilst growing up in Michigan's lower peninsula. After moving around, getting married, having 3 beautiful children, and starting a small handmade soap company, we have settled down around family and into the great white north to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a Cake Artist!

I have always had a passion for Art, and baking has been the creative outlet that has taken me over. Create something beautiful AND you can eat it? Yes, ma'am, sign me up. I'm passionate in everything that I do, and baking is absolutely no exception. After seeing how most bakeries cut corners to cut costs, ordering pre-made items and passing them off as their own, it didn't do my heart good even as I worked for one. I love every step of what I do, [except maybe for the dishes part, shh!] and I take pride in creating something of quality over quantity.

My love for baking has taken many turns over the years to eventually end up where it is today. What started as a hobby with friends and family has become my passion. Creating all of my own recipes, trying hundreds of batches, making countless alterations to find that perfect cookie, that perfect cake, that perfect brownie.. That's the dedication I have for what I love. And boy do I love it! Getting the chance to create something beautiful and also delicious for someone to enjoy is what it's all about for me. If you have an event that needs catering for, we're here for you.

I do everything from decorated cookies to fondant covered cakes.​ If you have any questions, concerns or requests - please contact me! I would love to create something for your event.

Looking forward to working with you!

Heather Wathen

Owner/Cake designer & Culinary Artist
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The Studio

The Velveteen Cake Co. is a private, home based studio in Iron Mountain, Michigan.

While I do run my run The Velveteen Cake Co. out of my own home - I still follow very strict guidelines set by Michigan's Cottage food Laws & Regulations and stay updated quarterly on all changes to food related standards, laws & practices.

Certified by Michigan State University on Michigan Cottage Food Law, you can trust that you are receiving clean, quality products & practices.


As a home based studio, I am not a Walk-In-Bakery.

While I do not have items available for purchase on any given day, Custom ordering is done through our online order form here on the Website & Product pick up is done via. porch Pick-up.
Because I am online one person - I do book up fast! I'm most often booked weeks, even months out especially during the holiday season. The sooner you can get your order in, the better!

Working with Downtown Iron Mountain & other local businesses I plan to have a fun filled year of pop-up's & events for 2023!

Holiday Pre-Ordering
I do not take custom orders for the holiday season, however I do offer Pre-sales a few weeks before each Holiday where I will choose the items I'm offering (Or you can head to our VIP Facebook Group & VOTE for what items you'd like to see offered!) for the season, and anyone can pre-order & pre-pay for their items beforehand!

Pick-up Date for each Pre-Order will be determined at the time the Event is made.

Pop-Up Events
During the Holidays & throughout the year, I like to offer fun filled pop-up events where anyone can come shop our booth & grab some cookies or whatever fun items I'm offering at the time. These events are held both at the home studio location as well as at local business establishments that offer their storefront.

Stay up-to-date on these events by following us on our Facebook page or by joining our newsletter!


Not a walk-in Bakery

Pre-Orders and Pop-up Events

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