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Photographer's don't just take photo's, they preserve memories.

Working alongside the wedding circuit creating Wedding cakes & confections over the past year, I've come to understand on a deeper level the importances of such an event. A good photographer is top on the list for brides when planning for their special day, and with so many out there - How do you know which one is right for you? Someone once said "photography is more than just a skill; it's a passion that needs constant fulfillment." In a truly talented photographer, that passion and skill show's in their work like a flame in the night. I dare say that I'm quite picky when it comes to photography - and I've found a gem right here in our very own Downtown Iron Mountain, Michigan. Holly Selden from Holly Selden's Photography LLC.!

Holly Selden from Holly Selden Photography LLC. in Downtown, Iron Mountain Michigan
Holly Selden Photography LLC.

This woman is a talented and passionate photographer that has been capturing tender moments in Michigan's Upper Peninsula & Wisconsin since 2008. Starting out as an assistant wedding photographer and photo editor, she began on her own in 2009 photographing weddings and seniors. Gaining her cosmetology license, becoming a wife and mother, and opening her own photography studio right here in her home town of Iron Mountain - She's a transcending force of a woman! Here's a bit about her Philosophy...

"Since I photograph some of the biggest milestones in people's lives, I believe your photos should be timeless. When you look back on your photos 10 years from now I want your photos to be as true to life as possible to be brought back into the moment. I want you to remember the details of the day, the true colors, the feeling, etc. Trends change and your photos should never feel dated. Remember who you were in your most important moments." - Holly Selden Holly's photography style is timeless - Crisp, clean, bright and airy. A moody photo is great for instagram, but true photography and life's greatest moments should be captured in truest form to be admired by generations to come. These are moments for our great, great grandchildren to admire in the future, to place on our mantles without worry of trends fading. This IS life in it's truest form... Not only has she had years of experience in weddings and seasonal photo shoots with Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, here's a list of what she offers...

Family Sessions & Events


Birth Photography


First Birthday & Smash cake sessions Santa Claus & Easter bunny stylized photo shoots Boudoir

Weddings & more! Excited yet? Come take a look at some of her previous work...

Are you blown away yet!? I know I am...

Here's a few words from Holly about her vision for the studio...

"My vision for Holly Selden Photography is to document your milestone in life in the most true to life way as possible while also capturing aesthetically pleasing and artistic images. I strive to showcase your day by capturing all the details from big to small and show your personality and aesthetic in images that you get to cherish long after the day is done. I carefully choose locations, style and posing in mind to create a visually appealing story of who you are." - Holly Selden

In May 2022, Holly opened up her first photography studio in the Franklin Square building in Downtown Iron Mountain. This 600 sq. ft room hosts her lifestyle studio and holiday sessions which I have had the absolute pleasure of being both a customer, and a vendor for.

December of 2022, we combined forces for our very first Santa Claus Experience! Together we created a Christmas wonderland in Holly's own studio - Offering a custom and unforgettable photography experience! Allowing each child a private photo session with Santa, a personalized authentic nice list certificate, goody box with fun and creative favor gifts for the experience, she's pulled out all the stops for this luxurious event.

The magic of this Christmas event put together by Holly herself was that each child got to have uninterrupted time to warm up and talk over their Christmas list with Santa himself. This event shows how much she cares about the community, and puts her whole heart into her work. One of my favorite things about Holly as we've become friends is that she believes in quality, and not just with her work - but everything she involves herself in. Her work is exemplary through and through.

If you're looking to preserve life's precious moments, whether that be a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birth or even senior photos - I cannot recommend Holly enough.

The time, attention to detail, and quality of work is exemplary overall in her work.

Just head to her Website and take a look at everything she has to offer.

I came for the photos, I stayed for the friendship.


Thank you so much Heather, I am glad our jobs in the wedding industry brought us together to be friends ❤️

Heather Wathen
Heather Wathen
Jan 25, 2023
Replying to

Absolutely same! It was my pleasure, thank you for being a friend. [Cue the Golden Girls music]



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